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The Endoscopy Unit at SIDS Hospital’s aim is to provide a diagnosis and treatment for people with symptoms of upper and lower Gastrointestinal problems. The department benefits from a Consultant body of Gastroenterologists and Surgeons who perform procedures, assisted by highly skilled endoscopy nurses on inpatients and outpatients. The department’s services are available to adults and to paediatrics as outpatient and inpatient service. Equipped with THREE State of art advanced endoscopic theaters compatible for all kind of GI diagnostics and therapeutic procedures.

Procedures Performed in Endoscopy

  • A Gastroscopy is a very quick telescopic and visual investigation which allows for viewing of the oesophagus, stomach and upper section of the small bowel by the passing of a flexible tube through the mouth. Sedation is given if desired.
  • A Colonoscopy allows for viewing of the lining of the large bowel with a flexible tube. You are required to take medication the day prior to your procedure to cleanse your bowel. You will be given sedation during the procedure.
  • Sigmoidoscopy Allows for examination with a flexible tube to the left side of your large bowel. You may require an enema to be given on arrival to the department prior to your investigation.
  • Proctoscopy is an examination of the rectum using the flexible scope.
  • ERCP (Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) uses endoscopy and fluoroscopy to diagnosis and treat problems of the biliary or pancreatic duct system.
  • Some specialised procedures viz. POEM, ERP, ESD,EMR, Manometry, 24 x 7 pH metry, Capsule endoscopy etc are also performed at this centre.

Procedures Performed in Endoscopy by

  • Dr. Pankaj Desai (MS, FAIGE – USA)
  • Dr. Mayank Kabrawala (MD,DM – Gastroenterology)
  • Dr. Subhash Nandwani (MD,DM, DNB- Gastroenterology)
  • Dr. Rajiv Mehta (MD,DNB – Gastroenterology)
  • Dr. Chintan Patel (MS, GI Endoscopiest )
  • Dr. Nisharg Patel (MD,DNB – Gastroenterology)
  • Dr. Ritesh Prajapati (MD,DNB- Gastroenterology)
  • Dr. Parika Kalara (MD,DM – Gastroenterology)


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